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Can I submit a film that was made after January 2020, and selected to a festival that was cancelled due to COVID-19?

Yes you can submit your film. We are allowing exceptions for films made after January 2020 that were selected to festival(s) that subsequently cancelled due to COVID-19.

Can I submit a film that had a virtual screening at another film festival?

Yes, if it was screened for a limited run virtual film festival not based in Los Angeles County. We are allowing exceptions due to COVID-19 regarding internet screenings. Any film that is available commercially or on pay-per-view in the US is not eligible.

What kind of films does Screamfest Film Festival screen?

Screamfest Film Festival screens American and International horror films. Please review our latest film guide to get an idea of the types of films we screen at the festival. The festival supports independent horror films and the filmmakers that create them. All horror genres are welcome: horror, horror-comedy, thrillers, horror-animation, Sci-Fi and more. From horror comedies to straight out gore fest, red carpet premieres to independent productions, there’s a place for all things horror at Screamfest Horror Film Festival. We recommend you watch some of the films on our YouTube channel to get an idea of the types of films we screen.

The festival screens feature-length, extended-length short films, short films, super short films and student shorts.

Does the running time include credits?

Yes, the running time includes credits for each film category.

When does the festival take place?

Screamfest Horror Film Festival will take place October 11 -20th, 2022 at a location in Los Angeles.

Do you accept fee waivers?


I don't have any money for the submission fee, will you watch my film's screener link and let me have a discount or get a waiver?

No we will not review your link or respond to your email. Screamfest is a non-profit 501 ( 3 ) ( c ) organization that supports the development of independent filmmakers and screenwriters of the horror genre. Each submission fee goes back into the festival.

When is my film due?

We prefer films to be submitted with a link to a password protected online screener. The online film submission form includes a field for you to enter your secured online link to your film by the submission deadline date listed on the website.


Will I be notified when Screamfest receives my film?

Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to notify each individual when we receive their film. You will receive an email of your submission order and a Paypal receipt. If you do not receive these emails please check your spam/junk folder.

Can I submit an updated version of my film after I’ve already submitted an earlier version?

Sending in an updated version of your film after you have already submitted a prior version of the film is not allowed. It is not fair to the other filmmakers who sent their film in before the selected submission deadline. We will not view any replacement links emailed to us after their selected deadline date has passed. We will only view the first cut of your film that we receive with your online submission form.

When will I know if my film has been selected to screen at Screamfest Horror Film Festival?

We will notify filmmakers no later than September 15th. Please make sure that the e-mail address and phone number that you provided on your submission is working at that time, as we will be contacting you via that e-mail. NOTE: Please add our email address to your email safe senders list, address book or contact list so that any correspondence with Screamfest will not be blocked or filtered into your bulk folder.

What if my film gets accepted at another festival that takes place before Screamfest?

If you are accepted to another film festival, please email us with the subject heading “EARLY ACCEPTANCE NOTICE NEEDED.” Let us know what festival you have been accepted to and we will inform you of your judging status.

What is Screamfest Horror Film Festivals premiere status requirement?

We require that all feature films must not have had any public or festival screenings in the Southern California region and prefer a World, North American, US, West Coast Premiere or LA County premiere for feature films that will screen in our competition section. For short films we would like an LA County premiere.

Premiere status (shorts & features) will be one of the factors considered when determining a film’s inclusion in the Festival.

Do you accept work-in-progress films?

Rough cuts and works-in-progress are eligible for entry but can only be submitted in the final deadline and if the completed film will be available by September 15th, 2022. Please label your submission “Rough Cut” and specify what is missing (i.e., temp sound, needs color correction, etc.). Our programming staff is accustomed to viewing films that are missing minor elements. However, please be aware that our programming department may not be able to re-screen your film if you send a final cut after submitting a rough cut. To avoid confusion throughout the screening review process, we would prefer that you only send us ONE version of your film as our programming team may not be able to re-screen your film.

How many films can I submit?

You can submit as many films as you’d like. Each film must be submitted separately.

Can I submit my short film that is already online and available to the public?

Short films that are viewable to the public on YouTube or vimeo etc., before the festival dates are not eligible for consideration.

What screening formats does Screamfest Horror Film Festival accept?

We welcome submissions of password protected on-line screener links using such sites as Vimeo or YouTube. You may enter the link and password when you complete the online submission form.

What if my screener link doesn't work for the programmers?

Our programmers make every effort to view your film but it is your responsibility to ensure your link is working and the film plays all the way through with sound.

Did you watch my film? The play count on my screener link seems off?

Be assured that staff programmers watch every eligible film submitted to us within our submission deadline period.

Each online video player counts plays on their platform differently. Sometimes a play is recorded every time the content is started. So if it's paused, rewound or reloaded again the view count might increase. We have noticed that plays used through apps on streaming devices such as Chromecast often don’t count plays at all.

Please check with your preferred viewer platform to see how they account for plays.

If I get accepted into the festival what is the screening format requirement?

For presentations at the festival, features and short films must provide a DCP for projection. For more technical specifications and formats, please read the Submission Guidelines.

Full details about submission requirements can be found in our Submission Guidelines.

Do I need to send an EPK with my submission?

No, complete press kits/EPK for films will be requested AFTER acceptance.

PLEASE NOTE: Unsolicited screener links, request for waivers or discounts will not be reviewed or answered. If you have any further questions, please contact