Our Awesome Testimonials

Attending Screamfest was the best thing to happen for our indie film! So, once again, thank you for including us in the festival!

Thomas Aske Berg - Director of Vidar the Vampire/2017 Festival

CHILDISH THINGS was optioned by Larry Levinson Productions and is currently in development. The coolest thing is that they've become really into my work and I'm now writing a mini-series for them and the Sci-Fi Channel. Pretty cool, and as always, I owe great deal of that success to the attention Screamfest brought my way."

Alex Greenfield - 2006 winning screenwriter

Just wanted to thank you so much Rachel for letting RITES OF SPRING premiere at Screamfest. It really helped get Rites out there to the buyers. Thank you so much and can't wait to have another film in your festival. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118047561

Padraig Reynolds - Director RITES OF SPRING

As a direct result of this exposure, I landed a manager...and then a lawyer...and then an agent. Now I have one horror movie in pre-production called DAMNED which is being produced by Robert Fried (Godzilla, Boondock Saints, Rudy) and I'm currently doing re-writes on another screenplay, L.A. GOTHIC, with none other than the legendary John Carpenter. It is a dream come true to finally be working in the horror industry and for my (impending) success, I owe a great deal to Screamfest. I have no doubt that without the exposure of [Screamfest], I would still be toiling away with nothing more to show from it than a stack of unread scripts. Thank you for everything and keep on kicking ass!!!

Sean Keller - screenplay finalist

The International Creative Management (ICM) has signed me up! Thank you ScreamfestLA! You helped make this possible.

Yam Laranas - Dir. / D.P. / Writer of THE ECHO (SIGAW)

I have had the opportunity and privilege to be a part of this event two years now, and all of my experiences have been extremely positive. My first script, although it did not take first place, scored highly and I chose to attend the awards banquet. It was spectacular and fun to boot (the guest of honor was Wes Craven). My second submission also placed in the top 5 (always a bridesmaid it seems) and again I attended the banquet. I met some competitors which turned into friends as well as some solid contacts. As for my experience in the contest itself, I was notified once I had made semi-finalist and again when I made finalist. I was aware from the start that any work which did not make the semi-finalist circuit would probably not receive a confirmation email, so I can't really complain over that. Rachel Belofsky and the crew have done a terrific job at building this competition to become one of the forerunners in genre-specific (horror) competitions in the field. If you have a horror story I encourage you to submit your script to this competition and wish you the best of luck!

RL Kienbaum

In 2005 as a direct result of my Horror Thriller, THE DEVOURING, being selected as a SCREAMFEST Semi-Finalist, I was contacted by London Indie Producer, (and Horror fan), Ahmed Maasarani. He loved the script and hired me to write my first paid writing assignment, the Psychological Thriller, THE LAST CONVERSATION.

Bradford Richardson

Quite simply, the credibility I earned in 2004 when my Horror script, SERAPHIM, became a SCREAMFEST Top Five finalist OPENED DOORS, and still does. Throughout the festival week, SCREAMFEST Director Rachel Belofsky went out of her way to personally introduce me to amazing industry pros and Development Execs. including, Stan Winston, New Line Development Director Jeff Katz, Directors Victor Garcia and Zach Snyder, Gore Effects wizard Tom Savini, Producers Suzanne and Jon P. Goulding, the brilliant and lovely actress Stephanie Moore. The list goes on. SCREAMFEST is truly dedicated to discovering the New Blood of Horror!

Bradford Richardson

I have had success with this screenplay competition. I have had one script optioned as a result of my participation in Screamfest. Even though I was a finalist and not the winner, they really tried to get me introduced to industry professionals. I recommend Screamfest to writers and horror film lovers.

Anne Sagel

Screamfest LA consistently showcases some of the best new talent horror has to offer.

Mike Grady - Dimension Films

I love Screamfest. It is a pleasure to see so many genre fans getting a chance to work in the area they love.

Jeff Katz, CE, New Line Cinema

Screamfest features the best of young, innovative and up-and-coming artists in the cinema of fantasy and horror. It scares me, and I'm Wes Craven! Check it out!

Wes Craven

Some people live in fear, while others live to make films about it – I prefer the latter group…the slightly tortured, delightfully twisted, and maniacally brilliant folk. At Screamfest, I have the opportunity to meet them all. What a treat!

Stan Winston

Screamfest is a great place to discover some of the most original voices in the horror genre. Many of the films are hard to find gems that often get overlooked at the other festivals around the world.

Roy Lee

Screamfest is one of the greatest contributors to the horror film industry. Rachel Belofsky's unrelenting dedication has created an astounding platform to showcase and launch emerging talented directors and writers in the horror genre. It's classy, it's bloody and a helluva a good time!

Sean Cunningham

SCREAMFEST is a blast! A great time for horror fans and filmmakers. Grab your popcorn and your barfbag and get ready to scream! Screamfest is one of those rare festivals in Hollywood where filmmakers and fans come together to celebrate the gross – not the weekend gross. You don’t want miss a second of Screamfest – even if you watch it with your eyes closed.

Eli Roth

Screamfest is the best opportunity in Los Angeles for filmgoers to see an eclectic mix of outstanding horror films new and old. The organizers are first rate and create an atmosphere that promotes filmmakers' work and pleases fans. In addition, Screamfest's commitment to nurturing independent film extends far beyond the festival itself. Festival director Rachel Belofsky has worked tirelessly on my behalf, making introductions and arranging meetings ever since the festival's fabulous closing night gala.

John Coven - REPOSSESSED (Recipient of 2002 Best Horror Short and top 5 Screenplay Finalist)

Screamfest LA was... a scream! Rachel and the rest of the gang put on a terrific festival, featuring great and unique horror films, and they really treat the filmmaker's right. Screamfest got my movie in the paper, set up interviews with loads of press, and even arranged a radio interview with a local station. I actually felt scary!The screening of Exorcist with William Friedkin was one of the coolest screenings I've been to. Screamfest makes the filmmakers totally accessible, including Mr. Friedkin, with whom I chatted after his screening. Screamfest goes all out to promote its films, the festival staff couldn't be friendlier, and the parties kick ass. The best genre film festival I've been to.


Screamfest 2002 was a great opportunity to get my film in front of the real fans of the genre. I can't wait to get my next film into Screamfest.

Robert Benson - BAD FATHER (Recipient of 2002 Best Horror Comedy Short)

Screamfest is the premiere horror film festival in Los Angeles featuring the best independent horror cinema has to offer. The roster of talent on the advisory board alone is enough to make any horror fan salivate, adding a genuine professionalism to the proceedings and showing that the organizers have a strong love and passion for the genre. Screamfest has been steadily growing bigger and bigger each year and could soon reach the level of such prestigious genre festivals as Fantasia, The Belgium Festival of the Fantastique and the Sitges Film Festival.

Todd Ocvirk - KOLOBOS (Recipient of 2002 Best Director and Best Picture)

The L.A. Screamfest is a first class horror film festival. The films, features and shorts, are a great combination of the familiar and the obscure, the bizarre and the twisted. It's a must for all horror fans and filmmakers. And I'm not just saying that because my film won a coveted crystal skull award.

Jurgen Heimann - PUPHEDZ (Recipient of 2002 Best Animated Film)